Our Story: 

Infinity Companion Care was founded by two registered nurses with a background of critical care. As caretakers themselves they have seen firsthand the importance of properly accompanying  the client an ensuring they are safe. In their personal lives, they are mothers, granddaughters, sisters, and wives.  The home companion business is very personal to them and each client will be taken care of as they are their family member.

Our caretakers will meet the highest expectations inside and out and will provide the quality services the client needs with the level of quality you deserve.

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Benefits of In Home Elder Services
Many clients and families have proven the bounty of benefits from receiving companion services at home. While other independent living settings have their own premier advantages, nothing beats the comfort and the convenience offered by being assisted right where you live.  This type of companion services covers a range of basic tasks and activities that many seniors find difficult to perform on their own. In other situations, these obstacles can put seniors at risk of losing their independence. But with companion care, seniors can maintain their routines and continue to the aging process.

Senior In Home Services Include

  • Personalized delivery of services
  • One-on-one, undivided attention
  • Flexible services, can be hourly, round-the -clock, or as long as required
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides emotional support
  • Communication with family
  • Friendly companionship
  • Fosters the family’s peace of mind
  • Keeps the need for early institutionalization at bay
  • Promotes recovery of self-help skills
  • Preserves dignity
  • Around-the-clock care—live-in or 24-hour companionship

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